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KBI/Tzu Mission to Afghanistan and Cambodia

From Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

June 29th, 2002


Today was another very busy day for the Knightsbridge team. Our host, Dr. Elmer Sayre of the Lanao Foundation, along with his assistants, Vangie and Mitzi had a full day planned for us.

After a short meeting in the morning, our first visit was to the Kauswagan Municipal Hospital. There we toured the facilities, and got a first hand understanding of the needs of the hospital. The medical director had prepared a four page list of needed medical supplies which we reviewed in detail with him. The list covered this hospital, plus the five other hospitals in this region.

Following the meeting, Knightsbridge committed to seeing what we can do by working with our partners at Remedy International, along with the many hospital and pharmaceutical contacts we have in the United States to see how much of the list we could fill with donated supplies and equipment. The list included the basic pharmaceutical requirements along with very basic equipment (for example - 250 hospital beds. The patients now have to bring at least their own bedding, and in many of the facilities, their own "beds."

We checked the pharmacy of the hospital to see what kind of supplies they have. The cupboards were nearly bare.

While at the hospital, we also visited, on the same grounds, the clinic for midwifery and medical instructions and the day care center.

Since the facility is used largely for health training purposes, we agreed to furnish 10 (or more) combination TV/ VCR players along with some instructional tapes. We will also furnish them with a supply of the book "Where there is no doctor" to add to their training abilities.

From this town we made our way farther into the jungle to a town called Mate. in this town we viewed another water catchment project similar to the one we reported on yesterday. However, this project has now been in operation for about 5 months. One of the attached pictures shows this catchment system in operation and being used by the whole town. You may recall from yesterday's update that this system operated entirely on gravity, bringing water down from the springs up in the hills. In this particular case, the water supply is several kilometers away.

While in Mate, we visited their health center and their day care center. Their health care center is nothing more than an empty building, which is shown in one of the attached photos. A set of the training materials provided to the area, will be utilized here in Mate.

We then met with the Governor of the province, Governor Imelda Dimaporo and her husband, Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo. They had prepared a luncheon meeting at their home for us along with the heads of several ministries, including health, education, transportation, social affairs, and several others.

During this meeting, we presented the Governor with a summary of all of the projects we determined we could support yesterday, today, and some in the future. This was all made possible by the superior efforts of the people at the Lanao Foundation. After the summary, we presented the governor with the cash funds to put many of these projects into affect. Some of the projects, such as the shipping of the TV/VCR's and books will be financed by Knightsbridge from the United States.

The commissioners of transportation, taxation, and permits were present at the meeting, and we were given the opportunity to review with them all of the documentation that is required to enable us to be able to start shipping goods into their area by container, on a custom and duty-free basis. They gave us their commitment that they would pursue the completion of the documents immediately, and would get back to us on their progress next week.

Lunch and the meeting ended at approximately 3:00 p.m., at which time we began our 6 hour trip back to Cagayan de Oro, from where we will start our journey tomorrow to Zamboango, on the southern end of Mindanao, Philippines.

Photos attached to today's update include:

  • 3434 - Health Station at Bagumbayan
  • 3441 - Water System at Mate
  • 3448 - health Center at Mate
  • 3455 - Ed and Elmer presenting the summary and contribution to the Governor.

Thanks for your continued interest,

Ed Artis, Walt Ratterman, Adrian Belic, and Michael Mische
Knightsbridge International Cagayan de Oro Mindanao, Philippines Island
June 29th, 2002

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