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KBI/Tzu Mission to Afghanistan and Cambodia

June 24, 2002


We remain in Bangkok, completing our plans for reaching Afghanistan, Cambodia, and now, the Philippines.

Our schedule as we see it now is as follows:

June 25th: Leave for Manilla. Work on NGO certification there, and within 2 or 3 days head south to Mindanao to deliver aid and to observe where additional aid is needed in this or on future missions.

July 5th: Return to Manilla to complete certification paperwork, if possible.

July 7th: Return to Bangkok, arriving in the evening.

July 9th: Fly to Tashkent, Uzbekistan to meet up with our containers which should be received, and cleared through customs. They should be ready for us to unload the goods and to repack them onto smaller trucks for their final destinations in Afghanistan. We estimate that this will take 6 to 8 trucks. If all goes well, we hope to be able to have all of the trucks headed for Afghanistan by July 12th.

After July 12th: We will move our group into Afghanistan and will go to the four locations where we are distributing aid. We will probably start in Aibak, where we will deliver supplies to the girls' school and hospital that we visited on our last trip. We will also set up the solar oven at the girls' school there.

*** 483 boxes to be delivered to Aibak PLUS a SOLAR OVen and locally purchased food and other relief items

>From Aibak we will head south towards Kabul. We have supplies for two orphanages in Kabul (and one in Islamabad). We will also be delivering aid to another group that we hope to meet with in Kabul. And the second solar oven will be delivered and set up with Mercy Corps in Kabul.

*** 635 boxes of relief items will be delivered to Kabul for two International Orphan Care run Orphanages, one in Kabul and the other in Jalalabad and one Orphanage run by Afghanistan Relief Organization. Actual number of boxes per orphanage has yet to be determined.

*** In addition to their already consigned two pallets of school supplies, we will be delivering 780 boxes of misc clothing, blankets and medical supplies to FFAR in Kabul.

Once we are complete in Kabul, we will move into Bamiyan and distribute the balance of the supplies that were in the containers.

*** In Bamiyan we are planning on distributing 853 boxes of misc clothing, medical and educational materials plus a large amount of locally purchased food.

We will address other "opportunities" as they come up in these areas. We expect that our efforts in Afghanistan will be complete by August 5th, when we will return to Tashkent, and on to Bangkok.

>From there we plan to make our way into Cambodia, to meet the container of Medical supplies shipped in partnership between Knightsbridge International and Remedy International.

So, tomorrow, we are on our way to the Philippines. Our next report will be from there.

In one of the upcoming updates, we will include a summary of the contents that are on the containers we will be distributing in Afghanistan.

Until next time,

Ed Artis, Walt Ratterman, and Adrian Belic
Knightsbridge International Bangkok, Thailand June 24, 2002

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