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KBI/Tzu Mission to Afghanistan and Cambodia

Update #1


Our team, which consists of Sir Edward Artis, Walt Ratterman, and Adrian Belic has been assembled in Bangkok now for just over two days. Our efforts have been centered around the logistic details involved in receiving the freight in Tashkent, getting it through customs, and trans-shipping it to several locations within Afghanistan.

The containers are currently scheduled to arrive in Tashkent, Uzbekistan between the 23rd and 26th of June, just a few days from now. Several issues remain in getting the materials from Tashkent to Afghanistan. The freight is loaded into three containers. The final locations are to 3 or 4 locations, but there are items on each container that go to each of the locations. Also, many of the areas we are going can not accept container traffic due to the condition of the roads and bridges. So the freight must be broken down into smaller 10-ton truck loads for re-shipment. We will be present in Tashkent for this effort because it is at this point that we will load each truck for its specific location and recipients.

After discussing our options with several freight companies we settled on one company today that appeared to have the most familiarity with the Tashkent customs rules, and is capable of handling the trans-shipping into the various locations in Afghanistan.

In the interim, we have been requested to provide emergency medical assistance aid to a refuge for children in the very south of the Philippines.

Therefore, we are in the process of adjusting our plans to go first to the Philippines, scheduling our arrival into Tashkent to coincide with the expected date that our containers will be cleared through customs by our agent there. This will allow us to assist the children's home in the Philippines, while making the optimum use of our time.

Our next update will have more specific information regarding our plans in the Philippines as well as expected dates for our work in Afghanistan. We still plan to distribute medical supplies in Cambodia when we finish with our work in Afghanistan.


Ed Artis, Walt Ratterman, and Adrian Belic
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